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Who We Are

We are the Software Development Department of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. We create and maintain Open Source software that support Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wikidata. There are multiple ways of contributing to our efforts and we provide several career opportunities.

We are roughly 35 people, mostly working at the Wikimedia Deutschland office in Berlin.

Meet Us

Recurring events we organize:

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Our Development Teams

Our development teams are cross-functional, self-organizing and highly autonomous. No single team leaders or middle management. Developers work directly with the product owners.

What follows is an informal approximation of our teams. It is not an org-chart and it does not capture all the details of peoples responsibilities, though should still give you a good idea of how our department is structured.


Christoph Jauera
Software Developer

Andrew Kostka
Software Developer (Working Student)

Johannes Kroll
Software Developer

Thiemo Kreuz
Software Developer

Wikidata Team

Michael Große
Software Developer

Adam Shorland
Software Developer

Noa Rave
Software Developer

Jakob Warkotsch
Software Developer

Pablo Grass
Software Developer

Lucas Werkmeister
Software Developer

Alaa Sarhan
Software Developer

Thomas Arrow
Software Developer

Amir Sarabadani
Software Developer

Greta Doçi
Software Developer (Intern)

Marius Hoch
Software Developer (Working Student)

Matthias Geisler
Software Developer (Working Student)

FUN Team

Gabriel Birke
Software Developer

Tonina Zhelyazkova
Software Developer

Tim Eulitz
Software Developer

Product Management

Lydia Pintscher
Product Manager Wikidata

Lea Voget
Product Manager Technical Wishes

Kai Nissen
Product Manager Fundraising

Community Communications

Léa Lacroix
Project Manager Community Communication Wikidata

Jens Ohlig
Software Communications Strategist

Johanna Strodt
Project Manager Communications

Michael Schönitzer
Tech Community Communication (Working Student)

User Experience & Design

Charlie Kritschmar
UX Designer

Hanna Petruschat
UX / Interaction Design

Supporting roles


Franziska Heine
Head of Software Development & Engineering

Linda-Rabea Heyden
Assistant to the department

Sandra Müllrick
Advisor Software Development

Melanie Köppen
Team leader Product

Tobias Gritschacher
Engineering Manager

Raz Shuty
Engineering Manager

Leszek Manicki
Engineering Manager

Birgit Müller
Community Communications Manager

Jan Dittrich
Team leader UX/Design

Elena Aleynikova
Program Manager Wikidata


Jeroen De Dauw
Software Architect