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In the software development department we are building Open Source software that powers one of the most visited websites in the world. We are constantly looking for skilled and passionate people to work with us. This page lists our current open positions. If you are interested in working for us in a different role, please send an email to

Wikimedia 2016 Hackathon in Jerusalem

VGrigas (WMF), 2016 Wikimedia Hackathon in Jerusalem, CC BY SA 3.0

Head of Design

As a Head of Design you will be responsible for our team of designers.

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Program Manager Wikidata

As a Program Manager Wikidata you will be responsible for aligning the different pillars of the program to ensure effective execution and brilliant results.

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Software Architect

As a Software Architect you will be responsible for having your eye on the big picture that guides the development of our complex software products.

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Fullstack Developer (optionally as contractor)

As a Fullstack Developer you will work on our existing and future online fundraising donation application and possible cross-department projects at Wikimedia Deutschland.

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Wikimedia Deutschland also provides career opportunities outside of its software development department. The job descriptions can be found on our wiki and are (generally) in German.

Hiring process

We aim to keep our hiring process as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Below are the various steps of our hiring process for developers. For non-developer yet technical positions such as User Experience expert and for non-technical positions such as Product Manager and Community Manager, things are different. There is no HackerRank step and the Pair Programming session is replaced by a Case Study.

  • HackerRank

    Easy questions and programming exercises that get graded automatically. Typically this takes a bit under an hour to complete.

    We use HackerRank to avoid spam applications and establish a minimum level of technical ability and willingness to spend time in our hiring process.

  • Telephone Interview

    30 minute call where we’ll get to know each other and to see what values we both share. It’s a two way conversation, and we want to understand if we may be a good fit for each other.

  • Pair Programming Session

    This session lasts 90 minutes and allows us to get a better understanding of your technical skills and how you collaborate. It is done remotely over Google Hangout with one or two of our developers.

    The first part of the session is a pair programming exercise which lasts about 55 minutes. You'll be working together with one of the developers on refactoring a small set of self contained legacy code. No knowledge of MediaWiki or other such specific technology is required. You will have the choice between doing the exercise in PHP and in JS.

    The Pair Programming allows us to see how you approach problems, how you collaborate and how you communicate. You and the developer will pretend to work, as colleagues, on a task at a company you just started working for. This collaboration is what is evaluated, so there is no need to rush and try to get as much of the exercise done as possible. If it is not completed, which is likely, you will not be penalized for this.

    The remote pairing is done via Floobits, a service that allows synchronization of code between different machines and editors. If you are using one of the supported editors, you can just install the Floobits plugin for it. If none of these editors works for you, it is possible to use the web based editor. For the web based editor, you also set up synchronization of the files to your device, since otherwise you will not be able to execute the program and tests. The developer is likely to use PhpStorm (IntelliJ) as editor.

    To prepare for the session, create a Floobits account and set up and test the integration with your editor of choice. To do this test you can create your own Floobits workspace and connect to it. Also make sure that your Google Hangout is working and that you are able to execute in the language you choose for the exercise.

    Before the second part of the session you can take a short break if you want.

    The second part of the session is a 25 minute segment in which you will be asked a number of broad technical questions and in which we will talk about your motivation, your learning habits, your goals and your expectations.

    At the end of the session there is some time to ask extra questions about whatever you are curious about, such as the structure of our teams, the agile process we use, or the technologies used for a given project.

  • Insight Day

    A half-day during which you visit our office in Berlin. For people living abroad we might choose to pay their travel costs, or we might choose to do the Insight Day remotely.

    You will be given a tour through the office and briefly meet with people that have various roles.

    You will also spend some time with one or more of the developers you would be working with by sitting next to them as they walk you through something they are working on. This allows you to get to know your potential colleagues and potential codebase, ask questions and discuss things as you see fit, as well as giving these colleagues a chance to get to know you.

  • Final Interview

    A final non-technical interview with our head of department.

  • Offer

    We send you the job offer based on the details agreed upon in the Final Interview.

We try to move things along as quickly as possible, though likely need several days, up to a week, in between the steps up to, and including, the Insight Day, to schedule sessions. So you can expect that going though the whole process will take about 4 weeks.

We may skip the HackerRank and/or Telephone Interview steps for candidates already familiar to us.